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Carrot Spice Muffins

Some days ago I wanted to bake pumpkin muffins... But when I went to check the piece of pumpkin that I had in my fridge it didn't look very healthy anymore. Can you imagine how I felt? I already had all the other ingredients on my counter, and I really wanted to start baking. After a few minutes starring into nothing, I opened the fridge and the pantry to check if I had something else I could use, but nothing seemed as perfect as the pumpkin. But finally in the drawer where I keep the vegetables I found carrots, and my soul felt happy again. I decided I was going to adapt the recipe of the pumpkin muffins. In the end it worked out great! That's why I'm sharing this recipe. I love these type of muffins to eat while drinking tea or coffee, and they're great now that days are colder. I'll make a post with the recipe for the pumpkin muffins later, but I don't have any photos for now, so it will have to wait. Oh, before I forget: these muffins are vegan. No

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