A new book

Don’t ask me how, I have this new book to read, The Lights in Others' Houses, and there’s so little I know about the book and the author. Did any of your read it?

The Lights in Other’s Houses
Author Chiara Gamberale
Edition year: 2012
Pages (portuguese version): 384

(original cover)

Plot: Mandorla is the daughter of a woman full of fantasy. Mary, the mum, works at a property management company and has a special ability of turning every meeting in a vibrant group therapy session. When Mary dies in an accident with her motorbike, residents of Grotta Perfetta Street, 315, discover a letter in which she announces to her daughter that her father lives in that building. Seeing the harmony of their families threatened, the residents take an unusual decision: not to conduct a DNA test and take together the child's education and she every two years she goes living in different house. Mandorla grows up, obsessed with discovering the identity of her father and thus to have a normal family, like everyone else. Who is the father of Mandorla?

I'm not really sure about this book... I'm afraid that it tells another story of another girl trying to find out one member of her family and that's about it. When I read it, after reading the one from Cecelia Ahern, I'll let you know :)
If you read it already, tell me your opinion.