The fault in our stars

Yesterday when I was coming home I finished reading “The fault in our stars”. I have to admit that this is a book that gave me so much more than I initially expected. When I bought it, although I liked the title, I was a little apprehensive about the plot. But Hazel and her strength and personality made me fall in love with this book.
Hazel is a teenager who lives with cancer; living between her house, the support group, occasional “visits” to the hospital, and not much more than that. Her parents’ lives, especially her mum’s, have their daughter as the main focus. They try to protect and extend their time together. But when Hazel meets Gus in the support group, her life changes, and they live a teenage romance that made me smile.
It’s a book that makes us think about life and death, about our legacy, and about the meaning of our actions.
It shows how different people live illness and even death differently, and they go through life living it with different beliefs and views.
Touching; I recommend this book to everyone.

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