Time of my life, Cecelia Ahern

I finished reading “Time of my life” last Friday. This is the second book I read from this author (the first one I read was “Thanks for the memories”) and I loved both of them. This time, the narrator of the story is Lucy Silchester, a woman who doesn’t like her job, has a difficult relationship with her own family, drives an old car that she loves and doesn’t want to get rid of, and lives in a small apartment with a hermaphrodite cat. She found herself in the middle of lies which seemed little at the time but now have grown into gigantic proportions and she thinks she can do nothing about it. She receives a letter (and after the first one, she receives lots of letters) to an important meeting she tries to avoid at first, but she can’t run away from it. The result: a funny adventure through this woman’s every-day and past stories and decisions, and a little help of someone really special to fix the mess she’s got herself into. Again, I loved the way Cecelia Ahern writes, easy to read, funny, magical. 

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