Chronicles of exchange student program 2010-2011 (I)

We could see those two girls doing lots of stupid stuff in the snow. Where they come from, Portugal, it doesn't snow a lot and they seemed two children playing like snow was the most funny thing of all time. People would stare at them like they were crazy but they didn't care. They were in a exchange student program in Brussels, about two years ago.
So one day they decided to go to the supermarket. J. was walking a little faster because she really wanted to catch the bus and she heard S. calling her. She looked around but she didn't see her; all J. sees is a couple with a baby looking to the floor near them with a weird looking in their eyes. J. imagines that it can't be a good sign and she looks to where she thinks they were looking at to understand what they were seeing: S. laughing on the floor while trying to get up. Well, it was the first (but not only) fall in the snow.

-- LadyBug

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