If you could see me now, Cecelia Ahern - my review

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The fantasy that this writer puts in her stories is part of her image. I love the way she uses beautiful images to make comparisons, using the imagination. A joyful writing filled with magic.
Elizabeth doesn't like changing and she believes she can't deal with it, and that's why everything has to be under control. In fact, that is the only way she can live her life. She became a rigid woman avoids dreams and fantasies, believing that it can only bring disappointment. Since she was very young she was forced to take care of her father and especially her younger sister, who became totally different from what she expected. Because of that, Elizabeth thinks that she must have made some big mistakes somewhere along the way with her sister. Now, years later, she has her nephew to take care of, and Elizabeth tries to not make the same mistakes: everything always under control; she created her corner to where she comes back every day, far away from everyone  who could bother her. It's her comfort zone.
But one day her nephew, Luke, starts talking about a friend… an imaginary friend. Elizabeth starts thinking she did something wrong with her nephew too, until she finds out that is normal for a boy of his age to have imaginary friends. However she always avoids pretending to believe there’s someone else with them at home; she doesn't like fantasy.
Until one day something starts changing in her life. She cannot understand what's wrong with her. She begins to daydream, to relive her past, something that it is not normal for her, always so focused on her work and in rules to be achieved.
And there is Ivan, a fun and magical character, full of spontaneity and some innocence, that makes the reader smile.
This is a Cecelia’s book that transported me to my childhood; it made me think about what we lose when we grow up and we start focusing too much on work and routines.
Cecelia has the gift of characterizing the characters and scenarios, making it possible to see everything without having to make an exaggerated detailed list. I'm very fond of her books, and this one is undoubtedly, from the three I've read (the others were "Thanks for the Memories" and "The time of my life") my favorite one. A simple but magical writing which she sprinkles with fantasy and some kind of innocence.

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