Looking for Alaska - my review

About the book that I have presented here, and I finished reading on Friday, I can say that it impressed me a lot. I really enjoyed the first book I read by this author, as already mentioned and you can see here, but I tried not to create high expectations about this book, since it is a totally different story and I was kind of afraid of cliché.
But no, not at all. Again, John Green picked up a storyline that could become "another story about ..." and turned it into a unique book that gives pleasure to read from the beginning, being hard to put the book away.
I will not talk much about the plot, the characters; who decides to read this book should have the right to read it without knowing much more than you can read in overview, as happened to me. What I can say is that the story is not what I expected: it's much better. Miles tells us the story: new school, new friends, and new life. Something unexpected happens, and when we think we have the answer ... no, we do not have.
A light reading; entertaining but sometimes painful too.

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