YA books

I love to read books of many genres. YA books are part of my favorites.
I live in Portugal and unfortunately I don't know many YA books by Portuguese writers (in fact, I really can't think about one right now). I always try to find on foreign authors and I always find very good YA books. 
I started reading when I was "too young" for it, and then I carried on reading it, because I love it.
This genre of books can move me and touch my emotions easily, and when I'm reading other genres usually it is harder to have a connection with the characters, to feel their emotions and to feel like I'm almost living what I'm reading. It's easy to escape from reality when you read a YA book, and I don't have memories of an YA book that I didn't like. These books give me excitement.
Everyone can relate to YA stories in one way or another. The characters, even in a fantasy book, are, to me, more real than in other books. But maybe that's because I really enjoy reading this genre of books, I don't know.
The last YA books I read that I loved the most were both from John Green, The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, and I wrote about them on my blogs (I have a blog in Portuguese too) and told all my closest friends about them (like I usually do when I think books are good). Some of them had a hard time admitting that those are two good books and that YA books can be read by people of all ages.
I don't want to stop reading YA books just because one day I'll be "too old". That doesn't exist. Since you can still fell the story, get carried away with the characters into their lives and/or adventures, you can and you must read YA books.

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