3, 2, 1.... Christmas rush starts!

I already have some of the presents for my family but there is still a lot to do before Christmas.
I hate shopping centers at this time of the year. The stores are overcrowded, lines to pay for things are giant, and everywhere you look you see people rushing to buy things. This makes me feel unhappy and tired.
I try to buy the things for Christmas the earlier I can to avoid this, but there are things like food that I have to buy shortly before Christmas day.
Thankfully I have the 24th at night with my family, but unfortunately I work all day on the 25th, from 8 am to 11 pm. Because what I really love about Christmas (and I'm not just saying this, I really feel this way) is the meals and family reunion, the little kids opening the presents with an huge smile on their faces, the way one of my uncles always falls asleep after eating and drinking for a while. It's the movies on TV, the games the family plays together, the conversations. And, of course, even if it sounds weird, I love the way my family  (the older members) always starts a conversation that almost looks like a verbal fight (with loud voices and aggressive tone) about politics, football or something else they disagree on... because that's who they are, and since I was a little child I remember grown ups doing this. If that doesn't happen some day, I'll find it really weird.

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