Incendiary, by Chris Cleave - My opinion

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Overview (from Barnes & Noble):

I am a woman built upon the wreckage of myself.
In an emotionally raw voice alive with grief, compassion, and startling humor, a woman mourns the loss of her husband and son at the hands of one of history’s most notorious criminals. And in appealing to their executioner, she reveals the desperate sadness of a broken heart and a working-class life blown apart.

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Product Details (Barnes & Noble)
ISBN-13: 9781451618495
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: 1/11/2011
Edition description: Book Club Readers Edition
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.75 (d)

My opinion:
To start I'd like to say that I liked the book, but I need to say something before jumping to my opinion more specifically.

The book is a letter to Osama Bin Laden written by a woman who, according to herself, is not very good with words and writing. But I think the way Cleave wrote the story (I mean, the way the character supposedly writes) is a bit exaggerated. I think she didn't have to write things perfectly, but the way she writes... people don't write like that. Maybe it's a problem with the Portuguese version, and it makes sense in the English version, but really, in Portuguese that doesn't sound right. She can spell all the words correctly but she can't use and commas and other punctuation marks?! I don't know how it is in the English version, but someone who doesn't know how to used the punctuation marks doesn't get the spelling all right... If some commas were used in a wrong part of the sentence, if some spelling was wrong, well, that would be more like the real thing. I don't know is this was on purpose, maybe it was, but for me it doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm just over-thinking about this detail.
I'll say it again: I'm writing about what I read in the Portuguese version. I don't know what changes or what adaptations were made from the English one. Maybe the English version makes sense. To be honest, I'm curious about it. I think I'll try to look for an English version just to read a little bit.

But this is just a detail that was on my mind while reading the book and if some of you read the English version, can you please tell me if you think differently? 

The story itself is kind of sad, sometimes with a glimpse of happiness, sometimes totally depressive. Most of the times I can felt a dark sense of humor in the words I read.
I liked it. Not one of those books that I'll read again and again, but I enjoyed reading it. I love the way the author makes descriptions and I think Cleave is a brilliant writer. I can't deny, I think it's a powerful story. We read about a woman who has to be strong enough to continue living after her husband and son died on a terrorist attack. She lives with the constant presence of that day, the incident, the flames, and of course the presence of her beloved son.
We can read about her life while she's living a post-traumatic stress and grief period, which becomes so real because the way Cleave tells us this story. That woman, the main character, is  believable in her grief, and this is what I loved the most about this book.
I wasn't expecting that ending and it kind of disappointed me. I think I was hoping for something else.
I loved Little Bee, the first book I read from this author, and that's why I decided to read this one. Little Bee is one of my favorite books. But this book is different. If you read Little Bee and liked it, don't assume you'll feel the same way about Incendiary. It's impossible for me to compare them because it's two totally different stories with different powerful messages.
I liked this one but not as much as I liked Little Bee.

My rating:

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