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Note: I received from the author a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

Overview (via Goodreads):

In this tumultuous, distinctive memoir, Kersten L. Kelly looks back on the most influential individuals that she encountered while flying through the clouds. Confined in a small vestibule for hours, Kelly identified an opportunity for learning and growth by chatting with the fellow passengers around her. After a few life changing conversations and unforgettable emergencies, she put the in-flight magazines to rest and never looked back. She recalls life lessons from perfect strangers about love, family, perseverance of dreams, and humility through a series of brief anecdotes all taking place on airplanes. Selfless philanthropy was discovered, long-term friendships bonded, and talents unveiled. The book proves the phrase “you never know what you will learn on an airplane” over and over again. Every chapter will capture the mind and sometimes the heart of anyone who jumps into this collection of humanity at its best. The personalities present in this book assimilate with the intrinsic characteristics all readers can relate to. With a raw authenticity stemming from old notes in a ragged journal, Kelly delivers a personal reflection of unique tales from a mile high.

Product details (via Goodreads):
paper airplane by 
Paperback, 228 pages
Published January 2013 by Talisman Book Publishing LLC
ISBN 0985348720 (ISBN13: 9780985348724)
Edition language: English

My opinion:
I think it was a really interesting book. I love to travel. I prefer traveling by train, but because it's faster usually I travel by airplane. With this book, the author can change the way you see airplane trips (the trip itself but also those moments while you wait to get into the plane), and I found myself thinking about the times I traveled to see if I could remember something similar of some things that she tells us.

The author tells us stories of her trips and also different stages of her life. The way she describes the places she has been made me want to go there and visit, to see with my own eyes what she says.

In the beginning of the book, Kersten L. Kelly described her childhood in a funny way with which some of us can identify. The event with the bully really made me laugh. I imagined the scene on my mind: simply funny, but yet she could give it a really special meaning.
I had to smile or even laugh with some of the paragraphs.(By the way, the thing about eh middle seat in the beginning of the book: I agree on that... I've been there!).

She meets different people, some of them really intriguing individuals. She gets to know and to tell us different stories resulting in different experiences for the author on her various trips around the world. It includes stories of herself and her family. And also the way she describes some places she has visited made me want to go there and see it with my own eyes.
A reflection about different subjects according to each passenger she meets and his/hers story of living or the thoughts that came to Kesrten's mind when looking and/or talking to them. Some of these people have really important things to say, important messages that we should know.

One of the chapters that touched me the most was "Jonah, the Philanthropic Sailor" because of the whole story around it, not only because of the man the author meets on the airplane, but also because of the reflection she made after meeting him, including her own experiences.

And the chapter "Ira, the Hungry Watchdog" made me laugh because I have an experience more or less like this one (except he didn't eat my food...).

A must read!

My rating:

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