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Overview (via Goodreads):

A Story Inspired by Steven Tyler: The first book in a three-part series

It happened by accident, a lottery of events…

In 1988, a blind seven-year-old lay in a hospital room longing for her mother, unaware that eight years earlier a chance encounter occurred that would shape her life.

American musician Bobby Carter moved to Manchester, England with one objective—to become a major player in the postpunk scene of the late Seventies. His quest for stardom steers him in the direction of Kindle Hyrum, whose feistiness is only exceeded by her raw beauty. Though Bobby’s steady pursuit trumps Kindle’s cheeky resistance—sweeping them into present bliss—past secrets, new temptations, and a series of hapless and happy accidents will determine their future...and the future of a blind child.

Set to the lyrical soundtrack of the 60s and 70s, A Happy Accident is a story of love and choice that transcends the ages.

Product details (via Goodreads):

284 pages
Published December 3rd 2012
ISBN: 0988446502 (ISBN13: 9780988446502)
Edition language: English
Original title: A Happy Accident

Kindle Edition:
Published December 3rd 2012 by Amazon Digital Services
Edition language: English
Original title: A Happy Accident

About the author:
Evan Tyler is author by day, lead guitarist by night. Having written short stories since third grade in addition to playing violin and guitar, Evan always knew she would find a way to marry her two passions. Thus, her debut novel "A Happy Accident" is a perfect merger of her two loves--music and writing.

Her website: http://eptyler.com/

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