Seacliff: A Regular Boy Within by Susan Tarr - Presentation

Overview (via Oceanbooks):

When his mother died, Malcolm at six years old became one of the ‘lost’ children of that time, those forgotten or abandoned by their families. His young life was spent in the SEACLIFF MENTAL HOSPITAL, situated north of Dunedin, where he grew up mirroring many of the mannerisms of the other hospital children. All the while he knew that he was different from them. Malcolm’s story is one of immeasurable sadness, when considering the tragedy and abuse of his wasted earlier life, and yet, with an admirable strength, courage and innate resilience, he ultimately rose above it all, and was able to free the ‘regular boy within’ as he had always wanted.  

Product details:
ISBN: 978127215913
Published: 22 March 2013 by Oceanbooks
Format: Paperback

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