Book Presentarion: The PureLights & The PureLight Order by Brandon Ellis

I don't know why I didn't know about this book until today. Another one on my "to read" list.

To read my post about the first book of the series click the image bellow

About the The PureLights & The PureLight Order:

Overview (via Amazon):

Zoey has been taken by the all-powerful, malevolent Crepus Dim and Coda will do anything within his power to save her. He and his friends set off on a mission to rescue his sister where Coda soon finds himself in the Dim Lands, a place much different and more dangerous than the place he just left. There, Coda comes face to face with himself, discovering the truth of his true identity and why he has returned to Ohm Totem. Soon, he is confronted with two choices--to face his fears and understand that the impossible may actually be true, or to run from the truth knowing he has a much better chance of survival if he does.

Zoey is caught in Crepus Dim's deathly energy grip. Can Crepus's powerful magic and manipulations prevent her rescue? Nevertheless, it may be too late. The prophesied "Shiver" is upon them all, bringing with it a long hidden creature that can destroy everything within its path--even Nova, the wisest and most talented of all the seers.

Product details:
Author: Brandon Ellis
Pages: 218
Published: July 26th 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1492103276 (ISBN13: 9781492103271)


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