Ladybug, the book nerd

I'm a book nerd. Yes, I admit it. I never even tried to hide it. Since I first learned how to read books are a constant company in my life. I always find a new books that seem interesting before I finish the pile I still have to read. I like to read almost any type of book. 

You don't know what to give me for my birthday of Christmas? Just ask me about books. I'll give you a list of a few and you choose.
Is it raining and cold outside? Okay, I'll stay in reading a book.
We're going to the beach? Cool, I'll take a book with me to read while catching a tan.
I'm on the night shift tonight? There will be a book on my bag to read in case it's a calm shift.

Today at work we were talking about things we bought recently. One of of my colleagues was saying the computer he got was "so cool and worth the price"; the other one said "the coat I was waiting for is finally in the store so I can pick it up". So I said "I bought three books that will be delivered to me next Tuesday". They looked and me and laughed. "More books, really?!", they asked almost at the same time. The only answer I could think of was "yes, why not?!".

Sometimes even when I'm with friends I'm thinking about reading. I don't do it because it may seem I'm not interested. The truth is I can read and talk to people at the same time. It doesn't mean I'm bored, I just like to read a lot. Lots of people these play with their cellphones while they're with friends. You see it everywhere: bus, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, schools and even when they're together at one of the friends house. I prefer to read.

Yes, I am a book nerd. It's a shame I don't have more time to read.

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