Ladybug, the book nerd - part 2

I don't have to be in a quiet place to read. I've always read with the sound of the TV, with background music or even with the random and messy sounds of the routine of a busy city. It's really easy for me to focus on reading, especially if the plot is interesting. I always hated the silence of libraries to study. Me and my friends would be the loud voices on our library school. To read a random book, I don't mind. It can be quiet or noisy, it will be the same for me.

But there's something I really can't stand and my mum does that a lot (sorry mum): I hate when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone and apparently there's not much to talk about, so I grab a book and suddenly it seems that a list of subjects pops up.

I can read and speak at the same time, I've told this before. What makes me angry is that the actual conversation begins as soon used to do exactly the same. Worst thing about this situation: she gets mad at me if I don't answer straight away. I can read and speak at the same time but understand that my answer can be delayed because I'm trying to finish reading a sentence before I say something.

I told explained this to my mum loads of times but apparently she doesn't get it. We can be together in the same room and she's paying attention to the TV, not speaking to me at all or only a few words now and then. As soon as open a book she needs to speak to me. It feels like she has a switch in her brain specifically for this situation, which is automatically switched on the moment I read the first words of a book.

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