The "problem" about travelling

Before I go I feel excited like a little kid on Christmas day. I want to go and see everything I can, while, at the same time, I try to unveil the surprises that new place will have for me.

When I first go to a different city I want to discover that unknown place. I feel powerful and full of energy to find every treasure it contains, and I feel powerless because my hometown is a different one and sometimes I don't even know anyone in there. I get excited when you see little things that in my hometown wouldn't feel that special. I feel like I'm absorbing everything about that place but at the same time that there's still so much to know and to visit.

After a while, specially in longer stays, I know the people, the streets, the places that are special. I can also have a feeling of belonging. What felt good but confusing (because everything is so new) in the beginning has now a different meaning. That city is now part of me.

When I visit the same city a couple of times it's so easy to walk on those streets that I've walked 10, 20, 100 times before, but at the same time remain new to me in a way. I know where I what to go and the spots I need to visit, the places I've been before, the places I haven't seen yet. In a way, the streets are already mine.

However, when I come back home these confusing feelings don't stop. 
I have the weird feeling of knowing everything that's around me and at the same time that everything is new, different. 
I have the felling that I belong there but at the same time that I belong somewhere else. 
Above everything, I always want to stay in my hometown (now a little bit unknown) but also I want to go back to the previous place (the place I recognize inside myself) I visited and live it again.

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